2006: Amsterdam fun, part 3

Saturday, May 27th 2006

#$%^&@*#&^$%…… oh, boy….. we were sick…. Slept till 11am and met Mark downstairs, but could not convince him to go to lunch. He went back to bed. I felt very ill. We ate at a fantastic place.

I needed to sleep some more and headed back to bed. Dan took a walk. I slept til 3pm and felt better when Dan returned. We gathered our forces together and got out around 4pm.

First, we went to an area called Stui (sp?) – a nice shopping area with a really cool coffeehouse. Mark and I did not feel like sitting in the smoky atmosphere and took a walk. I went back to meet Dan and found him sitting with a man and young woman. He is Lauren, “a very successful merchant banker” and told us his story of creating a marijuana growing facility inside an abandoned mine in Saskatoon for the Canadian government. Canada has a law that if there is a treatment for a medical problem, the government has to try to provide it (detailed elided). So, Canada put out an RFP, which was won by they owner of the abandoned mine. Lauren bought the mining company and got the contract to grow for Canada. Interesting guy, but something was not right about him. The young woman, Lindsay, attends Temple University in Philadelphia and was one of the biggest stoners that I have very met. She was funny, nice, and really stoned. 🙂

Next, we walked to the Anne Frank House, but the line was too long (at 6 pm!). So, we found a restaurant nearby and had a wonderful meal with great wine. But, the AF House had closed and we were too late to get in.

So, we walked back through town and had a beer in the RLD and went back to the hotel. When I got back, Dan was ready to go for one last coffeehouse visit and we stopped in a place called Andalusian (or something close). The owner was a beautiful Spanish woman and very friendly. We sat upstairs and drank a soda as people smoked all sorts of things around us.

Day Ten – Sunday, May 27th 2006

Hopped in the taxi and flew out at 11am…


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