2006: Back to Bucharest, Day 3-4

Day Three – Sunday

I barely slept last night. But, was filled with excitement of the coming day. Got up, took a shower, and had a light breakfast. The yogurt in Romania is very creamy and tastes like a real dairy product.

Picked up Gina and surprised by Sandu, her brother. We met Sandu last summer when we dropped Gina off at a wedding. Took them to see three houses: closed one, first one, and garden place. Sandu was reasonable and helpful.

Stopped for pizza (same place) and talked with Gina and Sandu over beer for an hour about Florin and other kids.

Day Four – Monday

Met with Leslie Hawke (Ethan Hawke’s mother) at noon. Lunch at nearby rest. Little dog Fletcher. PowerPoint preso. Called newspaper about an interview. Back to the office and tried to help with Outlook Express. 😉

Picked up Gina and Florin. Visit to the eye hospital. Immediately prescribed cornea replacement! Cornea Herpes!

In the car on the way home, told Gina and Florin that I wanted to move fwd with house, but I had some conditions. Namely, that Florin and Corina go to school and graduate with HS degree. I told him that HE could buy his Mom a new house by doing this. [May 2007: Unfortunately, this talk was not enough and Florin continued to skip school quite often for the next year…]

Stopped and picked up pastries for the family. Dropped Florin off and asked Corina to come out to the car. We sat in the car for a half an hour and told her the same thing. I asked her why she stopped going to school (gypsy kids hitting her, bad school, etc.). But, promised to finish. She dreams of being a hair stylist. I told her that I would help her buy a new house for her Mom and follow her dream. And, that I want her to become a strong, independent woman.

Exhausted. Stopped at Belle Epoch tavern near Mariana’s house and had two beers (incredible Belgian blonde beer that tasted like spices).

Home for dinner (amazing repeat of a previous dinner, wow). I had a glass of “Romanian brandy” — it tasted like Cognac. very nice.

Could not sleep again…


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