2006: Back to Bucharest, Day 1

Left Thursday, May 18th early to Bucharest for part 2 of the adventure. I almost had a meltdown during my connection in Dulles–I could not find my passport and boarding pass to Amsterdam. The United Airlines attendent at the gate said “You better run back to the airplane and find it!” I was stunned; there was not enuff time. So, hoping to avoid the run, I rifled through every zipper, pouch, and pocket I had, over and over, but still no passport and boarding pass. At this moment, I thought that entire trip was going to be a bust. I began to get really hot. 🙂

So, I ran back to the other gate and asked the attendent to search the plane (that I just exited from). She was quite nice and helpful. They found it!

I then ran back to the other gate — carrying my extremely heavy bags — and just made the flight. Phew!

I upgraded to Business Class since the rest of the flight was paid via Mileage Plus miles. It was fantastic!

I am now in the Amsterdam airport at the “Communications Zone” and paid 6 euros for 30 minutes.

Heading to Bucharest in about 30 minutes.


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