2007 Bucharest Trip – Day 6

Finally, we made progress!

First, we have a new plan that is completely different than the plan that I came here with. See below. Today we met with Gina and agreed on the plan. This was an intense meeting (4pm) with me, Mariana, Gina, Corina, Elvis, Nicoletta, and kids. We told Gina (and family) the new plan to move some of the women out to an apartment, fix the house up, and ensure the kids go to school. We told her that the costs of a new house and the legal problems are slowing us down–quite true!–and that we feel that a better short-term plan was to make immediate changes to the home environment and work towards a better life: kids in school, good health and nutrition, better house, get the adult girls out of the house, and counsel the entire family on a better way to live. Gina and Nicoletta agreed quite enthusiastically.

We had to leave the house to pick up Mariana’s architect friend, Gheorgetta. So, we picked her up at the tram station and then spent a long time trying to get Gheorgetta’s engineer partner, Marius. to find us. (frustrating)

Eventually, we all went over to Gina’s house, made introductions, took measurements, talked endlessly, and made an assessment. The first thing that the architect and engineer said was “tear this thing down.” Exactly my feeling and a big part of my argument with Mariana last night. So after a lot of chit chat, talk talk, and more measurements, we said our goodbyes and left.

This was the first time I felt like we had a plan that could work and people that could implement it. Wow.

Gheorgetta (architect), Mariana, and I went to a nearby mall–very American, modern mall–and had dinner and beer at City not-Grill. (not sure the name) Anyway, we Gherghetta annd I drew sketches and translated our ideas through Mariana, and eventually agreed on the basic requirements of a tear-down, new, three bedroom home on a pitifully small lot. We agreed that the new house needs to be two-stories, one bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchen, LR, and 3 BRs upstairs. Wow, is this really possible?

The big catch is whether we need or can acquire the “papers” to the house.

I am now sitting in the hotel at Cafe Vienna and teaching the hostess how to make “John McCrea Margheritas”–I bought limes last night at the mega-growery store. 🙂


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