2007 Bucharest Trip – Day 7 & 8

Took most of the weekend off, besides making calls, drawing house redesign sketches, and reading email. Tini took me to World Class gym–an up-scale fitness club, with the latest Nautilus, treadmills, ellipticals, lap pool, saunas, trainers, and the usual beautiful fitness club workers that make everyone feel fat. Had dinner at Amsterdam (cafe), alone in a bubbling places on Saturday night, um, lots of fun.

Here’s a collection of photos that I’ve been saving up:

Gina’s house with annotations giving an idea of how small it is.

Meeting at Gina’s house with architect and engineer. Everyone got interested and involved. (I love how Patricia plays the part of Cupid in this picture, as if she organized the whole thing ;-).

Patricia eating an orange. I finally got her to be comfortable with me (now she won’t leave me alone :-). She lives here as well with her mother, Dumitra.

Gilbert (Nicoletta’s son), 8 yrs old, lives here with mom.

Florin (13) and Elvis (21), sons of Gina, living in the house. Elvis did not get too far in school and has some learning disabilities, but I’ve been told works as a day laborer somewhere in north of Bucharest. (I’m sure it’s not fun, whatever he does.)

Bunea puppy (actually he’s very cute and friendly), but clearly at the bottom of the pecking order. The dogs and cats in Bucharest are sad, mangy, and treated poorly. The Dog Whisperer needs to make a trip here asap!


One thought on “2007 Bucharest Trip – Day 7 & 8

  1. Wow Rick – that is one serious adventure you’re on! I really admire you perseverance in the face of all the confusion and uncertainty you’re experiencing. Your plan seems right on – and I’m sure it will change a few more times before you’re done. Thanks for sharing your process.


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