Has our democracy hit the wall?

I recently read a blog post by a friend that suggested that the USA should declare war on fossil fuel dependency.

Wow, I so agree with this idea and I think about this a lot and wonder WHY it does not happen. The easy conclusion usually hovers around conspiracy theories of Rich White Guys. But, I think that the lack of action on this, as well as other large-scale, slow-acting problems is a symptom of our government. Give me some room here… I’ve been watching and reading the recent John Adams book/mini-series and deeply engrossed on how America emerged as a democracy, etc. What a story! But, I’ve been thinking a lot lately that maybe we’ve hit the wall and that Big Business, Big Lobby, and Big Politics have learned to game the democratic system, and that maybe we need something new. Mainly to address the fact that these three constituencies are amost completely focused on Short-Term Gains (next quarter, next law, and next election). Thus, I am convinced that our version of democracy is coming to an end and new version that enables a longer-term view and policy to emerge. However, there is a very good chance that the US is incapable of such an change and that it will happen somewhere else (e.g. Europe) and this could be the eventual downfall of the great US and A………


One thought on “Has our democracy hit the wall?

  1. Gore Vidal, cuts thru the contradiction, to see this is about our leaders will to power and our Republic’s insufficient response to the infections of injustice.

    form transcript of May 14, 2008 DemocracyNow! interview with Amy Goodman

    … makes no it clear in no uncertain terms,
    I didn’t realize—I think I’ve always had a good idea about my native land, but I didn’t think that institutionally we were so easy to overthrow, because it was a coup d’etat, 9/11. The whole went crashing. And when we got rid of—when they got rid of Magna Carta, I thought, well, really, this wasn’t much of a republic to begin with.

    His comments are deeply fatalistic and resigned but that is the cost of being a thinker and trying to see clearly. Robert Bellah, another American thinker would probably sound a similar alarm. There is hope but it is dark Now!

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