Facebook: The Greatest Home Page Ever Created

I have little to add to the ever-changing Facebook story, but I gotta say it: Facebook’s current home page is the greatest home page ever created. Seriously, it is a thing of truth and beauty. I am deeply humbled by its perfection. No kidding. The ironic part is that their home page is probably not that important for growth. But, still….. wow.

FB's home page March 2009
FB's home page March 2009


Someone build this for me

Update: Looks to me that uservoice.com has built something close to what I need. Looking into it… 😉 [thanks to Garret for the ref]

For a very long time I’ve wanted a simple web-based mechanism to enable our customers to give us fresh feedback on features. It needs to include voting and the ability to collapse duplicate ideas together.  If done right (read: hard), the best ideas will float to the top.
feedback wiki idea